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Milonga, Salon Tango or Neo Tango?

Thursday, September 9th, 2010
Buenos Aires tango tour

Buenos Aires tango tour

Tango is a musical style and a dance of urban origin which made the city of Buenos Aires known worldwide.

As a dance, tango captures all stares, it is shockingly beautiful and – I’d dare say – it is simply irresistible. It is a dance in which passion, seduction and elegance are perfectly intertwined.

Its unusual beauty given by the different characteristics and historic periods which influenced the way it is danced; these styles can be found among them:

Buenos Aires tango dancers

Buenos Aires tango dancers

The oldest from 1930 and they are the Canyengue where dancers keep a closed posture (share one axis), dance in a closed embrace and very complex footwork (kicks, drops, short steps). The female dancers wear long and tight dresses. There was also the Orillero which did not become popular in the tango saloon of the time because of its difficult steps.

The most well known styles, which are internationally famous, are: the Milonguero, Salon Tango and the Neo Tango.


If you are not an expert, we would tell you that the tango milonguero’s main characteristics are that the upper part of the body is in constant contact with that of the partner (very close embrace), small steps and the typical footwork is the “half eight” given by the steps and turns with this shape.

The salon tango is danced in a slightly opener position than the previous one, because when the couple turns, more space is allowed between the dancers. Consequently, the upper part of the body is freed.

However, the neo tango is danced in a open and flexible position. Changes of direction are made when dancers turn and look for their own body balance.

Of course, there is also show tango. For stage purposes, the embrace is very open with strong and complex footwork. Plus, other styles are included to attract people’s attention.

Buenos Aires Tango Bandoneon

Buenos Aires Tango Bandoneon


Its music has a binary structure and a rhythm of eight times four. It is played by a typical orchestra or sextet, being the large accordion the most important instrument.

The lyrics have many slang words and they usually express the sadness that is related to love.

Decades go by, styles change, passion increases and the combination of all this made Tango be a unique dance. In September 2009, UNESCO declared it “World Intangible Cultural Heritage”.

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