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Argentina is the ninth richest country when it comes to natural resources. The country is in the top 10 countries that use over 60% of the land to provide environmental resources. Argentina comes after countries like Brazil, China, United States, Russia, India, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and before the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is what the latest report of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Living Planet 2012 states.

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According to the report the 10 countries with the highest ecological footprint are: Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, USA, Belgium, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands and Ireland.

The individual ecological footprint, which measures the impact of each individual on natural resources, varies according to country, the level of consumption, the resources used and the waste that is produced.

Countries with high consumption maintain their lifestyle thanks to the natural resources of developing countries, based on a traditional model in which the conversation of biodiversity is not yet an issue.

“Countries like Argentina have an interesting opportunity to develop themselves in a real and sustainable way, if they focus on the adoption and the local development of technology to be produced in a responsible way. Policies will have to be stimulated to promote a sustainable base for future development”, states Diego Moreno, CEO of the Wildlife Foundation-the international ecology non profit organization member of the United Nations.

source: La Nación



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