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Without a shadow of a doubt, the high level of demand has also reached the gastronomic world, especially in countries like Argentina where we have the chance to be well known around the world because of the high quality of our grapes.


grapes mendoza argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

This new culture deepens not only in the gourmet world but also in the wine industry, which has taken us to know the secret within “maridaje”, a tecnical word which means “to join” or “marriage” and it makes reference to the best wine choice according to the selected food.


As a reference, we offer some simple guidelines which will help you combine the wine with the food on the menu.


Torrontes and White Chardonnay

Torrontes & White Chardonnay



  • A white, fruity wine (Torrontés) is the right Choice for an Argentina barbacue.
  • Chicken marinated with lemon: there is nothing better than a White Chardonnay to go with this dish, especially if the chiken is seasoned with lemon and herbes.
  • Pasta is a versatile dish that goes very well with white wine. When we eat pasta with pesto sauce or with sea food we choose white wine.




red wine

red meat with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec or Merlot.



  • It is appropriate to go with heavy food, such as strong red meat. The suggested flavours for this type of meat are Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec and Merlot.
  • As regards pork meat, it is ideal to combine it with con Merlot and Pinot Noir.
  • Chicken: it it is prepared with vegetables, we suggest a delicate red wine.




  • If the pasta is only prepared with muzzarella cheese, oregano and olive oil the rose wine is its ideal companion.
  • Chicken is neutral meat and it can be combined with different types of wine. For this reason, it can also be appropiate to go with rose wine.
  • Sweet varieties of wine go with desserts which contain fruit or nuts. However, desserts with pastries and cream are better with rose, dry, sparkling wine and champagne.


white, rose and red argentine wine

white, rose and red argentine wine


It is important to keep in mind the aprópiate temperature in which these types of wine taste better.


White wines from 7 to 10 ºC; red wines from 16 to 18 ºC and finally rose wine from 6 to 8 ºC.


Buon appetit!






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