Have you ever experienced the unsettling feeling that your luggage was lost? This has happened to most travelers, the thought that your red, black, grey or blue suitcase (identical to other thousands) was nowhere to be found.


While we wait for the conveyor belt to show us our luggage, we can’t stop worrying about the little time we have o make the connection and added to this, the concert that some distracted passenger takes our suitcase instead of his!


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Identify your bags




One of the first pieces of advice when traveling by plane is identifying bags and suitcases with name, country, phone number and email address. Ideally, this information should be on the outside as well as on the inside of the piece of luggage.

It is important to remember to keep the information up to date.







1)      Add ribbons or colorful stickers that allow you to distinguish your suitcase.


2)      The stickers mustn’t be of touristic destinations because this might confuse airport staff when sorting suitcases.


3)      The most adventurous can stick pieces of cloth or colour their suitcases with spray. It’s creative and you add your own value to it.


4)      Those who decide to wrap your luggage with plastic, remember to stick some ID on top of it or maybe colorful sellotape in order to identify it, otherwise all suitcases with plastic wrapping look the same and this might confuse travelers.


5)      For those traveling to or from the USA, remember you must do it with a lock that is approved by TSA standards.



new bags, travel suitcases

new bags, travel suitcases



The most popular luggage brands try to keep updated. The trend is now lighter suitcases, with more wheels, size adapted to carry on locker, for women, for laptops, for long or short trips.


Remember to buy colorful suitcases and to personalize your luggage, not only to be trendy but also to make sure you can identify your luggage without problems.

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