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In the city of Buenos Aires being Gay Friendly is positive. Tourism oriented to this segment is rising in the capital of the country which recently passed the law allowing people of the same gender to get married.


Hotels, shops, bars and guides are offered for visitors or residents of the gay community. In December 2011, the first cruise exclusively for homosexuals set sail from BA port.


The segment LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transvestite) attracts a big number of tourists. According to official numbers, between 15 and 20% of visitors to Buenos Aires belong to this group. Numbers from the Entity of Porteño Tourism, which is a member of the international Gay and Lesbian travel association since last year, point out that the mayority comes from the USA, Brazil, Germany and Spain.


They spend about 200 US dollars per day and stay for an average of 12 days. Seventy per cent stay on Porteño soil since it offers a big variety of artistic activities.


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gay friendly

There are some special corners in BA, like in Palermo which was listed as one of the highlighted gay friendly neighbourhoods in the world in 2009. More than 3 years ago, the famous hotel chain Axel set foot in San Telmo area.


The city acknowledges that is has become more popular as a destination since the civil union in 2002 and the latest approval of gay marriage law. The key is to make them feel as what they are, the same as any other guest.

A large portion of this market belongs to the highest level of consumers. LGBT market is very diverse because they can be looking for any type of activity from nightlife and beaches to cultural activities.


In 2006, the International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce was created in Hamburg. It represents 55 million consumers and it currently has 15 countries as members, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, The USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and The UK among them.

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