Buenos Aires is home to the first Beatle Museum in LATAM

The Beatles

The Beatles Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wigs, boots, cards and even condoms with John and Yoko´s image are part of a 2500 object collection about the life and discography of The Beatles that is exhibited in Buenos Aires, home to Tango, in the first Latin America Museum dedicated to “the 4 of Liverpool”.

Despite its lack of personal objects or instruments which had belonged to The Beatles, it made millions of visitors in the few weeks since its opening a few meters from the Obelisk on the central Corrientes Avenue.


Rodolfo Vazquez, a collector who entered the Guinness book of records then years ago, has the biggest Beatle “memorabilia” of the world with more than 8.500 pieces. Less than a third of his private collection is exhibited at the museum and he will renew the content every year “to keep the Beatle flame alive”, he said.


Beatle Museum, Buenos Aires

Beatle Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina




In the glass cabinets, you can see autographs, pictures, wigs, pieces of porcelain with “The Wonder Four” faces, music scores and the covers of their first albums. To the amazement of the fans, there is a wall where you can see the collection of the first albums from the 60s by Vee-Jay Records, when the frenzy by the band with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr crossed the Atlantic and reached America.







Museo Beatle en Argentina

Cavern Club Buenos Aires

There are also historical pieces, like one of the 5000 bricks were auctioned after the demolition of “The Cavern” club in 1983, place where the bank became famous in 1961 in Liverpool.

Or a floor tile from “Strawberry Fields” the orphanage which inspired Lennon´s song in 1967, and even a piece of the stage from “Star Club” in Hamburg, Germany where the bank gave its first concerts with Pete Best as drummer.


For those seeking for more personal details, the museum exhibits a letter from “Mimi” Smith, John Lennon´s aunt where she talks about her nephew as a young boy and another one from Luisa Harrison´s sister which refers to a presentation by the group in London´s Paladium.




Cavern Club Buenos Aires

John Lennon | Museo Beatle en Argentina


“All objects are important for a collector, but for me the most important and valuable piece is John Lennon´s autographed from 1972”, Vazquez says.


The collector is also the owner of The Cavern Argentina, a bar next to the museum inspired in the legendary English pub and since 2001, it organizes “the Beatle week” where bands from Latin America compete for a trip to play in the club in Liverpool. Each year 500 fans who emulate the band participate in this competition.




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